Patient Reviews

Get More Reviews. Get Found Online. Win More Patients Trust.

Patient Reviews

Get More Reviews. Get Found Online. Win More Business.

Win More Business

Get found with Reviews

Be the obvious choice for people who find you online. Stand out on the sites that matter by easily collecting hundreds of patient reviews.

Turn patient reviews into your competitive edge

Get new reviews, manage them and promote them across the web. All from one dashboard.


The power of Google

behind every review

Get more patient reviews on Google by leveraging Dental Edge direct integration with Google's private API.

Get Patient Reviews Automatically

Collecting new reviews has never been easier. Dental Edge sends patients to top review sites to share their feedback.


Monitor all your reviews

in one place

Access all your patient reviews, for every location, from every source, in one dashboard.

Patient Experience Done Right

A Flexible Solution With

Lots of Advantages

Dental Edge is the only comprehensive platform for patient experience that offers a range of products that scale with your business. Book a time to chat with a Product Specialist to see how Patient Reviews can help impact your business.

Easily Integrates With Leading Apps

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